Ruff Iconz

We are Ruff Iconz 'A creative house that loves to learn, collaborate and create'. Our expertise cut across content production ( Music, Video, Movie, Music Video, Infographs, Documentary Production as well as Website and Graphic Designs), distribution, promotion, management and media consultancy.
We are fans of the digital world, addicted to digital creativity and total MEDIA MANIAC. We work together to design, create and produce works that we are proud of for corporate bodies, companies as well individuals who appreciate the beauty of creativity.

We believe in building and developing the youths and younger generation which is why our media, production and management teams are made up of young, creative and vibrant individual who push in significant effort towards the achievement of your projects in fulfillment of the company's bojective.
We are available for hire in a wide range of creative disciplines for a variety of jobs, projects and gigs

In Ruff Iconz multimedia entertainment, Perfect Creativity is our watch word.


Our Team