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A lyric to capture or celebrate a moment; a melody to help remember what’s important. From first dances, best friendships, and reflective tributes to personal theme songs, soothing lullabies, or individual projects — we can help you do the hard work.

The need for good songs is ever present. It doesn’t matter how amazing the recording and mixing equipment gets - a good song, is still a good song! And what characterizes a good song? Well, we think that the answers for this are as many as the stars in the sky. A good song, or should we say a hit song, can be a ballad, uptempo, have great lyrics - or bad lyrics, be in any of so many genres out there, have a male or female singer on it, or even be in instrumental. So the conclusion is; if there is any rule at all it is that there are no rules for creating a hit song!
Here we are making it easier for you. We provide instrumental, lyrics and a demo recording of each song along with an exclusive rights contract giving you full control over each song and calling them your own. contact soon, look forward to working with you.

How It Works

* Select an occasion, if applicable, and general mood for your song.
* Choose an artist and select a price and production level option.
* Provide details by answering custom questions directly from the artist.
* Add the song request to your cart and checkout.
* You’ll receive an email receipt with details on your request.
* Within two weeks, your unique song is delivered to you. Enjoy!
* Find the perfect songwriter to bring your story to life.